Is a more robust and scalable solution than Tray, with focus on midsize and large companies, looking for more complex products and services to enable them create advanced promotion rules, hotsites, online store personalization, access to shopping clubs, as well as carry out the creation of product subscriptions and automatic repurchases.

Tray Corp also offers a powerful product search tool that is adapted to large catalogs to increase conversion rates and optimize sales. Another solution available for large retail players is, opening their online stores to other retailers to complement their product range. This leads to a reduction in inventory maintenance costs and generates new revenue for these clients.

With Tray Corp, our customers turn their online stores into a marketplace managed by them, and thus integrate third-party product offerings into their own catalog. This provides a unique shopping experience that takes place in a multi-vendor cart in a single flow of purchase. Payment is made irrespective of the number of different suppliers for the same order.

Tray offers another important solution; the Omini Channel or “multi-channel” solution that enables large brick and mortar store chains to integrate their inventory with online stores. This makes it possible for a product sold in an on line shop to be collected from a brick and mortar store, thus reducing, considerably, inventory and delivery costs.

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