LWSA is nowadays an example of a company capable of keeping up with the dynamism of the technology and e-commerce market. This can be seen by its evolution since the beginning of the 2000s, when it went from a Hosting company to a Software as a Service (SaaS) business and e-commerce platforms and in recent years we have advanced towards the strategy that we understand to be the winner in this market, the construction of a robust Ecosystem that is present throughout the entire journey of our customers.

Check out the steps of building the brand:

Locaweb was founded as a simple and straightforward solution for clients searching for digital presence: “Do you want to have a website? Register here”. During this time, Locaweb grew so quickly that it conquered its first 1,000 clients and identified the need for new servers already in the following year.

The Internet bubble” burst around the world, but Locaweb was not affected and gained even more clients, reaching 10,000 by the end of the year.

Locaweb began to offer data center solutions and e-mail services to the market, attracting companies of all sizes. The product was offered by Locaweb IDC (Internet Data Center), which was established prior to the current company, Nextios.

Locaweb invested in IP Communication and in the construction of its first own data center, which had the capacity for 4,000 servers. Locaweb also expanded its offices and reached a total of 300 employees.

Locaweb innovated with its cloud computing platform, which made entire physical machine servers virtua

A year that marked the entry of SilverLake as an investor in Locaweb, consequently resulting in the increase of the company’s operations. Locaweb launched its second data center, with a capacity for 25,000 servers, being one of the largest in Latin America.

Locaweb entered, for the first time, the Guia Você S/A ranking as one of the 150 Best Companies to Work for.

Locaweb began its acquisition strategy with the purchase of Tray, enabling its entry into the e-commerce market.

Locaweb celebrated its 15th anniversary in grand style by making another acquisition: AlliN, a digital relationship marketing platform

For the first time in its history, Locaweb entered the “Great Place to Work! – Brazilian IT and Telecom ranking. The company also launched the Tray Corp platform, focused on corporate clients

Locaweb launched its Website Creator product, which was developed to help clients create websites in just a few clicks through a “drag and drop” element system, in addition to offering an image bank, e-mail address and support whenever needed.

Tray strengthened its market share with the acquisition of FBITS, a robust e-commerce solution aimed at large online operations.

We launched Cloud VPS, a private virtualized server with processing, traffic, hard disk space and storage fully allocated to each specific server.

We have celebrated 20 years of history and, following the view of strengthening the strategy of acquisitions, we have become part of a company specialized in means of payments, the YAPAY.

Locaweb advanced in its plans to enter new segments, growing both organically and through the announcement of two additional acquisitions: King Host, one of the largest Internet services and website hosting companies in Brazil, and Delivery Direto, a SAAS solutions company that supports restaurants in all their management and delivery operations.

We joined the Brazilian stock exchange.
Nextios, an evolution of Locaweb Corp, was created to assist companies with customized technology services.
Five M&As movements: Social Miner, Etus, Ideris, Melhor Envio and Vindi

The year started on fire and as early as January, we acquired ConectPlug, a complete enterprise management company for entrepreneurs. We also acquired Dooca, a platform of virtual stores focused on SMEs. And Credisfera, which offers credit solutions for SMEs. And it didn’t stop there: Samurai, Bling, Pagcerto, Bagy and Octadesk also joined the team to strengthen the E-commerce and Relationship arm!

Continuing with the 2021 acquisitions, we acquired Síntese, a platform specialized in omnichannel solutions to reinforce our E-commerce portfolio and improve the retail digitalization.

In October, we held our first Investor Day, which was awarded second best Investor Day by Institutional Investor in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications category.

Launched in April, through the combination of 6 acquired companies, Wake aims to consolidate the strategy of E-commerce platform solutions for large retailers to boost their business.

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