Corporate Profile

Established in 1998, Locaweb is a pioneer company in B2B solutions for the digital transformation of businesses in Brazil, offering a diverse portfolio of integrated solutions, designed to help its clients’ businesses be borne and thrive through technology.

Locaweb continually focuses on innovation, present in its DNA since the beginning of its operations, seeking to anticipate market and client demands, which creates countless incentives for the Company to improve and reinvent itself through the development of new technology products and services, either internally or through acquisitions.

With regard to acquisitions, Locaweb seeks to select companies with established products and services, a solid client base and/or technology capable of expanding or complementing Locaweb’s portfolio of products and services, accelerating the Company’s growth strategy.

As of 2012, Locaweb has made several acquisitions that were seamlessly integrated into its operational and organizational culture. All the acquired companies have grown, boosted by synergies created by the Company’s business environment, and many of their founders remain in the group as employees or executives – some even as shareholders of Locaweb.

Locaweb’s business model is almost completely based on automatic renewal subscriptions on a monthly, quarterly, annual or triennial basis.

The Company operates on two business fronts:

Be Online and Software as a Service (SaaS) & Solutions (“Be Online/SaaS“): solutions that enable Locaweb clients to have a digital presence and software as a service solutions that help Locaweb clients thrive under the following brands: Locaweb, All iN, KingHost, Nextios, Delivery Direto, Social Miner and Etus.

Commerce: solutions to enable the clients’ online retail operations under the following brands: Tray, Tray Corp, Yapay, Melhor Envio, Ideris, Vindi, Connect Plug, Credisfera, Dooca Commerce, Samurai, Pagcerto and Bagy, Bling, Octadesk and Squid.

The table below summarizes the segments, brands and main products offered by Locaweb.