Risk Factors

Main Risk Factors

The Company’s main risk factors are listed below. More informations can be accessed through the Locaweb Reference Form, available on the CVM systems and on the IR website.

To access the full Reference Form, click here.

1. We are subject to failures or interruptions in our systems, communication networks, hardware, software, data centers, network infrastructure, security breaches, hacker attacks and other similar situations that are under or beyond our control.

2. Failures in our security system regarding the protection of confidential information of our customers, including personal data, and our network may harm our reputation and brand and materially affect our business and results of operations.

3. We may suffer any unauthorized disclosure of data contained in our systems.

4. We may not be successful in implementing strategies to increase operations carried out by Yapay. Yapay may not be authorized to operate as a payment institution by the Central Bank of Brazil.

5. There are risks for which we do not have insurance coverage and our insurance policies may not be adequate to cover some damages, in part or in full.