Website Builder is an easy and intuitive tool to create professional websites in just a few clicks, with custom templates and image bank.

Given the importance of our hosting business, we developed a building solution website in 2014 aimed at users who do not have prior programming skills. With this, we expanded our reach in the hosting business to an audience that, previously, did not think of having a website.

Website Builder offers all you need to get your site up and running with the drag-and-drop feature to place and organize elements on the page. Just click on the desired element, drag to the desired destination and edit as you wish. The tool gives you total freedom to create: you can choose colors, menu styles, buttons and much more.

The solution offers integration with social networks, template gallery, site contact forms and the possibility of creating a small online store for up to 30 products, all connected to your site.

It is also possible to carry out a 15-day trial to check how the tool performs with all the features available.

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