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A Letter from the CEO

We are increasingly aware of the role of companies in sustainable economic growth and human development. As a technology company in an emerging market, we are committed to actively participating in the discussion on corporate responsibility, particularly in the areas of social inequality, environmental challenges, and economic changes.

We are accelerating our efforts to integrate the ESG agenda into our business, as we recognize its importance in building strong, resilient, and sustainable businesses. At LWSA, our ESG practices are based on governance, inclusion and diversity, social responsibility, environmental preservation, and transparency. We use strategies, data, and indicators to mature our operations in all these areas.

The Company’s constant growth is directly proportional to the power of transformation it brings to the society it operates in. We are dedicated to working towards sustainable development for the company, society, and the planet.

LWSA’s ESG approach is based on four pillars, with results that I would like to highlight. The “Employee Care” pillar encompasses topics such as health, diversity and inclusion, professional development, and benefits that support the quality of life of our employees. We celebrate the creation of the Inclusion & Diversity Committee in 2019. Through the committee’s work on seven ERG (employee resource groups) described in this material, we mitigate risks, resolve conflicts, and empower people. We understand that it is important to increase the participation of underrepresented people in the company and provide a safe environment for them to thrive, so that they can develop, feel a true sense of belonging, and reach their full potential.

Through a voluntary census of our employees, we were able to map out whether equal opportunities were offered within the workforce and assess whether our internal diversity reflects the country’s reality. In addition, we have evolved our employee base monitoring process by collecting and analyzing employee record data more frequently and comprehensively.

According to the Census (which considers all people who identify as women, regardless of biological sex), we increased female representation in our workforce by 0.7 percentage points (pp) and female leadership by 3.2 pp, reaching 39.1% of the total base.

We were recognized by the TEVA Women in Leadership Index and the GPTW Institute for diversity in the Woman and Ethnic-Racial categories. At LWSA, we believe that diverse and multidisciplinary teams perform better, so investing in human capital is a priority for us.

In 2022, we mapped our environmental impacts and defined the extent to which we can mitigate the externalities of our operations. In the Social pillar, we contribute to the technical training and employability of people over forty years old through the affirmative program Wanna be a Dev 40+. We also expanded our private social investment front, reaching around 4,500 people through donations and social actions.

In the Corporate Governance pillar, our ethical commitment is the highlight. At LWSA, we believe that ethics is the sum of each employee’s conduct. The Code of Ethics provides guidelines for the company’s conduct towards the public involved in its business. It is a guide for LWSA employee behavior. In 2022, we launched our Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy, published our first ESG Report, and held our Investor Day, an event dedicated to investors where we highlighted our ESG agenda.

These are important milestones in our history, but it is essential to recall that our journey towards ESG excellence began more than 10 years ago, before the acronym was even coined.

In 2021, we joined the Global Compact and committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. We also began reporting our progress in a comprehensive and transparent manner, using the Advanced format. We comply with the main international accountability guidelines, such as SASB and GRI, and adhere to the highest governance standards of Novo Mercado.

Our strong commitment to ESG excellence was recognized by Institutional Investor, which ranked our CEO, CFO, Investor Relations team, and ESG performance among the best in the industry. We were also recognized as one of the best ESG performers in the Technology and Media category at the Exame 2022 awards. We believe that transparency in our day-to-day business is essential for boosting sustainability in the technology sector.

We remain committed to excelling in our sector, both in our operations and growth, and by adopting practices that benefit the community. We reaffirm our commitment to transparency by keeping the market and society informed about the progress of our initiatives and goals, and by encouraging others to contribute to this essential agenda.